Our Story

I never expected to grow a beard, much less create and develop beard products. All of my adult life up until the age of 40, the most fascial hair I had was a goatee. It wasn’t until I became a barber in 2011 that I had any knowledge of beard growth or maintenance. With beards becoming more prevalent in the last 2 decades, it was important to me as a barber to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to service my bearded clients. One day at the shop a fellow “bearded” barber had suggested I let my facial hair grow… so I did. Growing a beard is much like growing out your hair. There are several stages in the beard growing process that you just feel like shaving it off. The dreaded itchy stage coupled with weeks of facial hair growth that looks like you just gave up on personal hygiene. It was through the process of growing, shaping, styling, and maintaining my own beard that I gained the most knowledge and experience.

Now enter the beard care product creation phase.

At the barber shop we carried all sorts of pomades and hair care products but no beard products. My wife was actually the first to introduce me to a beard product. It was from Bed Bath and Beyond. The ingredients were mostly words I did not understand with a water base. It was more like a lotion consistency, and it felt like I had shampoo left in my beard. After experimenting with many brands, I got tired of shopping for something good. I wanted something that had natural butters and oils that were actually beneficial for the skin and hair while also providing a hold / styling component. So, I decided to start making my own. Somehow the process became an obsession. It is very insightful to be able to test your own products. That way you know where to make the adjustments in the formula. After years of development, I finally had a product I would call complete, and it became part of my beard care / maintenance routine. Now that I am myself a “bearded barber” with a well-groomed beard, a large number of bearded patrons insisted that I be their barber. Which is funny, because at the time it was one of my fellow barbers that was shaping my beard. I started gaining even more knowledge by cutting and shaping different types of beards. I was also learning what products my clients were using as well as their beard care routines. Needless to say, my clients were also curious of my grooming routines and my product choices. It was then that my own product started being introduced into and used by the public. I was able to see the result of my product not only in my semi-wavy beard but also straight hair beards and tight curly beards. From there the rest is history, as they say.

In 2017 The Bearded Barber Supply was born.

Aside from being bearded and also a barber, when my clients would call for a service, they would be asked “which barber do you want the appointment with?” They would respond, “with the bearded barber.” The Bearded Barber Supply seemed a fitting name for my products as they truly were made available out of my own hand-crafted supply and at least at my shop, I was known as the bearded barber. You will appreciate the hands-on experience and knowledge I gained as a barber which was poured into creating beard care products. As they were originally created for myself, I used nothing but premium butters and oils which are still the standard for today. I know you will be impressed by the quality of our products, and you will not regret making The Bearded Barbers Supply the star of your beard care routine.

- Jeremy Greenlee, Founder/CEO of The Bearded Barber Supply